Tucson, AZ

On our way to Tucson for the day, we stopped at Saguaro National Park where we saw a high concentration of saguaro cactus’s. There were cacti all over each other.

We also stopped at Pinal Airport which is a general aviation airport that is also a large boneyard for old airliners. Additionally, it has Marana Army Airfield, where British Army and Army National Guard pilots learn how to fly attack helicopters. It is also a home to CIA operations and US Special Operations Command parachute training. After that, we continued our way into Tucson.

In Tucson, our first stop was at a food truck where we tried the Sonoran Dog. It was a bacon wrapped hot dog on a grilled bun with cheese in it. It also had beans, grilled onions, tomato, and fresh onions. I’m not a hot dog guy but I would definitely get that the next time I am in Tucson.

Later, we went to the Pima Air Museum, the largest private air museum in the US. They have over 300 aircraft there. I really liked the helicopters and my favorite ones were the MH-53 “Pave Low”, the Mil Mi-24 “Hind”, and the CH-37 “Mojave.” I also really liked the B-24 that they had in one of the hangars. While these were my favorites, I definitely really enjoyed seeing them all.Pima4pima2Pima5Pima3pima1

At the museum we saw A-10 Warthog planes flying in formation right over. This reminded us that we were right outside of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. This base is home to a large boneyard of aircraft that we got to drive by. I think we saw 2,000 C-130s, 300 C-17s, 1,000 F-4s, and an array of other aircraft. I had a lot of fun checking all of this out in Tucson.


On our way home, we stopped by a friend’s winter home. Our family knows Jo from summers at Ottertail Lake. She had the most green grass we’ve seen in months and the largest grapefruits I’ve ever seen. (AT)bio5

One thought on “Tucson, AZ

  1. Andy, I enjoyed your description of the boneyard contents a lot. There was a much smaller museum of helicopters, primarily, at Ft. Rucker, in Alabama, where I took my training as an air traffic controller, but every army used aircraft was there, but only one of’s. Remember that there was no air Force until after WW2, so even President Eisenhauer’s SuperConnie (convair) was there, bird dogs, OV-10, and all the helicopters you mention in your blog, except the Russian!
    I saw the Wart Hogs (2) at an air show in Wahpeton about 6/7 years ago, and they look awesome in flight. They were Sadam’s night mare in the gulf wars.
    Hope you are having fun!


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