Surfing the Waves

Today when my brother and I woke up our parents gave us the option to learn to surf. At first I was so excited that I was going to learn how to surf . My brother on the other hand was tired and didn’t want to surf, but my mom made him come along to watch. It was a short trip to the beach that we were meeting the instructor Jonny, our RV park was right on Pismo Beach! When we got there we saw his truck but didn’t see him. Then right when we got there he drove up. He had all our equipment ready. Then Andy decided he wanted to learn to surf too, he had woken up enough now. When we had our wetsuits on and our surfboards at our sides we walked to the beach.

Before we could get in the water we had a quick lesson on the sand. We mostly just worked on getting into the surfing pose. I was struggling so much with it.

Then we went into the ocean. Our wetsuits kept us warm in the freezing cold water. On my first time trying to get up I fell into the water and I got the salty water in my eyes and mouth . This happened over and over again until I kind of got it. I was standing but on the edge of the board so I was turning to the right constantly. Then my brother and I switched boards because mine was thinner and his was wider. I continued to fall over and over again until I got it. I got up and made it all the way to the beach and while I was surfing I was thinking “I am actually surfing”! It felt so cool and at that moment I understood why surfers loved surfing. By that time it was almost time to go. When we got on shore I filmed my vlog that you can check out here:

What I learned is that hard work and persistence pays off.-(WT)

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