It’s not a trip, it’s a lifestyle!

When we started this lifestyle, I was sad that we were going to leave my friends. I was also excited that I would get to spend time with my dad. When I first saw the trailer I thought it was tiny and there was no way we were going to live in there. We were going to leave on my birthday too. But actually I grew to like having my own bunkhouse space in the back.

Once we started down the road we stayed the first night in a Walmart parking lot. We were getting our first taste of boonedocking. The next day our truck broke down. Luckily that was the only major bad thing to happen on this trip. My dads new truck pulled everything great then on. We ended up staying at over 40 different campsites.

We have gotten to spend so much time with my parents that usually we wouldn’t get to. I also think me and my brother have grown to like each other a little more. We have gotten to see so much family on this trip too. Family that I may have met but don’t remember. But now I’ll have a memory of them for a lifetime!

One of our goals was to go to as many National Parks as we could. We went to over 70 of them. My favorite National Park was Bryce Canyon in Utah. The view and hoodoos were amazing. One morning we even saw the sunrise over the hoodoos, it was amazing! We also really liked Big Bend in Texas. I actually jumped in the Rio Grande! At every Park we go to I got a junior ranger packet to complete and then got a badge or patch. I have over 50! They are my favorite souvenirs of the trip!

A few months in we found out about BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. We think those have been the best sites, and they were free! The BLM campsite we had by Crater Lake National Park was our favorite campsite. It was so pretty with a river going through too. We used the log bridges to cross, and put our drinks in the stream to keep them cool. It felt like we were Box Car children!

All in all this has been an awesome learning experience for me and my brother. I enjoyed online learning and checking out different libraries. I loved making Vlogs at every stop. I originally did them for the grandparents to see where we were at, but you can enjoy them too! Check me out on YouTube @Woody Tischer. (WT)

One thought on “It’s not a trip, it’s a lifestyle!

  1. Quite the experience Woody!
    I notice that you always are game for something new, with your eyes open and lots of questions. In about 10 years, remember to thank your Mom and Dad again, and again…

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