Voyageurs and off to BWCA

By Andy:

Today we set off on our adventure in Northern Minnesota. We went on a boat trip through Voyageurs National Park which is about 40% water. Our boat trip took us to an island that used to be a gold mine. We saw many people fishing, camping, and just having fun on the water. We also saw an old fishing camp which was the last commercial fishing camp in northern Minnesota. We came across about a dozen eagles, most of them juveniles. Later on we went to Canada where we had poutine, Tim Horton’s, and picked up some Canadian candy. My favorite kind is coffee crisp.

I can’t wait for tomorrow which is when I will start my two week canoe trip in the Boundary Waters. Hopefully the mosquitoes won’t be too bad!


2 thoughts on “Voyageurs and off to BWCA

  1. Andy, I hope this is an enjoyable time. Canoeing in the boundary waters can be an exceptional experience, I hope you have a safe and fun time. I will be thinking about you the next 2 weeks. Love, Gr Jeanie

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