Alaska Cruise

Super fun week on our last minute Alaskan cruise! A couple of takeaways: Alaska is huge and beautiful and total wilderness. But that’s what makes it so amazing! Thinking about those following the gold rush in the cold desolate areas for 100’s of miles is crazy. Thinking about those who made the railroads up there is crazy. Seeing glaciers and then watching a huge iceberg chunk fall off is truly amazing. Watching whales swimming by your ship was unreal. And visiting Victoria, BC on a sunny spring day with float planes coming in and out of the bay, water taxis driving from stop to stop and seeing Andy in a glorious mood in V’s Chinatown was top.

Jesse and I have always been a bit leery to go on a cruise. A couple days (1 1/2) of big waves made me extremely nervous that I’d be sick the whole time, but being prepared helped(I have a great nausea/shocker bracelet!) and calm seas helped too. Customer service on the ship was top notch. Seems like these employees work for 7 month cycles with no days off, only a couple hours off at ports. The boys were in awe that our waiters and stateroom attendant knew our names and figured out what we needed before we knew we needed it.

5 months and counting on this roadtrip, and there were lots of firsts this week. First time I wore makeup in like forever and I wore it 7 nights in a row! The boys dressed up every night (read:no t-shirts or shorts or athletic shorts! They looked so different with collared shirts and khakis on!) and we all enjoyed the 4-course suppers every night without any technology. Lots of good conversation and discovery of new and über fancy foods! Andy’s only gripe was that we finish our suppers with enough time for him to race upstairs to the buffet for a 2nd supper. This teenager totally got his money worth! Among other things, we played trivia a ton this week and even won once, and Woody won a wii bowling tournament. The boys used the “flowrider” and all the pools and hot tubs this week, a couple times watching a whole movie in the hot tub! Jesse and I hopped in a couple times too, the heated water felt quite nice! We can all say we ice skated on the Pacific too!

There are so many ways to spend $ on a cruise ship. They really pushed(like hard push) for you to buy jewelry both on and off the ship, there were like 3 art auctions, paying more for different dining experiences-we had amazing food in the main dining room so why would we?! And buying excursions through them was so overpriced versus right off the dock. We’re very happy we didn’t get any drink packages. We’d be hanging our head by the toilet for the week if we did, I already felt loopy with the wave action!

Our room was small but the bathroom was actually bigger then our campers so jackpot!🎰 The boys’ bunks were bigger and more spacious then theirs in the camper too so that made them happy. We had an interior room which I always wondered why people would get, but now I know they get it bc it’s cheaper-haha, but no worries you really are not in it very long. Plus a pitch dark room helps everyone get a good night’s sleep.

Speaking of jackpot, there was a casino with tons of gambling going on, plus lots of smoking so with our bad luck and aversion to smoke we tried to steer clear of there. But we did overhear someone say he earns about 2 free cruises a year just by gambling thousands and thousands of dollars on slots(!) on cruise ships and that scares the crap out of us.

All in all it was a very exciting week with practically no down time. I didn’t open a book once but didn’t feel overworked either. A perfect break from our on the road lifestyle! (MT)

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