The Tischer family is on the road. Andy (14) and Woody (11) are being “road schooled” with the support of the school they just left. We’re living in our new home, a 33′ travel trailer we’re calling our house. 9 year old Gunner is happily along as well. Jesse is busy driving and making contacts in the healthcare field. And I’m just trying my best to keep it all together! (MT)

We sold our house, put everything we own into storage, took the boys out of school and we’re “road-schooling them” as we travel the United States!
Some of you know our story, some do not. Earlier this year, Jesse’s position was eliminated. He has a non-compete clause in his contract, so we know that we can’t stick around Sioux Falls. We put our house on the market while Jesse has been looking for work and received a too-good-to-turn down offer, so we started to look for temporary housing. That did not seem so interesting to me and a thought came into my head one (late!) night while I was washing dishes: Why don’t we just buy an RV and drive around the United States until Jesse finds a job? Jesse, always the sane one, didn’t immediately turn my idea down and actually was intrigued by it! We stayed up for hours that night researching if it would be even possible (BTW, you can find anything on the internets!) When a quick “feeler” email to the boys’ teachers and school admin came back with a quick – “You should TOTALLY do it!”, we knew this path was going to be it! Within a week, we had purchased a 33′ travel trailer, finalized most of the logistics for the boys schooling, figured out Andy’s braces situation, and figured out that our first stop would be Dallas for Christmas (thanks Cousin Susie & Mike!). We’ll likely try to stay in warmer climates for the winter, trying to hit up National Parks, Presidential Libraries, State Parks and other interesting monuments/roadside attractions. The South Dakota weather has cooperated so far, and we should be able to get out of here before any large amounts of snow fly!
This blog will be written by all of us, and we’ll initial at the end who’s responsible. Gunner may write too! YES, we are bringing our 50lb English Setter Gunner along. Say an extra prayer for him, the moving away from his 5 acre playground will be tough I’m sure.
And please, no one make fun of our jargon-haha. (MT)