I think my truck drank too much and now needs rehab!!!

Well, this was intended to be an adventure, right?! God wants to really test all of us and shape us a little different than what we are, right?!

In a twist and turn of events, we ended up with truck engine troubles, got towed into a dealership in Joplin, stayed overnight and still don’t know exactly what’s wrong with the truck. The fine folks at Fletcher Ford are tearing the engine down and working through Ford on warranty issues, but it could take another week or two before we either have our truck back or have enough information to negotiate a trade in. All I can say is Dustey, Keith and Nate at Fletcher have gone out of their way to make sure we could be comfortable and with power to the camper. Part of this experience is to teach the boys about the innate goodness in people and how when you treat others well, they will likely do the same. Ron, our tow truck driver, even stopped by the camper today to check on us!

The one destination we had planned was to visit Maureen’s Cousin Susan and family in Keller (Dallas). When we knew of the timing on information with our vehicle, we rented a car and headed down the road to their place. We made it safe and sound and their southern hospitality welcomed us with open arms (albeit a couple days early). Our Christmas will be spent with their family and hopefully we can be useful while enjoying our time with them. Our hope for all of our friends and family is that you celebrate the time with your family and celebrate your religious beliefs freely and happily this season!

Hopefully the next post will let you all know if our truck made it through Ford’s rehab program or if we decided to bring another workhorse on our adventure!

Merry Christmas!