#43’s Presidential Library, Sausage & Longhorns

George W. Bush Presidential Library

Dallas is a huge city, and we’ve been fortunate enough to visit a handful of times in the past couple of years. What’s brought us down here in the past was our powerhouse NDSU Bison football team, playing for the FCS National Championship. They’ve won it 6 of the last 7 years, and will play next week in hopes of a 7th title. So we’ve seen many of the main points of interest in years past.

Today we visited the George W. Bush Presidential Library on the campus of SMU. It was a stately museum filled with a historical account of W’s life in Texas, pre-White House politics (remember hanging chads?) and successes and milestones throughout his 8 years in office. Obviously a large and important part was September 11th, 2001. Other memorable highlights talked about Hurricane Katrina, PEPFAR(The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief), No Child Left Behind and the Stock Market Crash. There was also a special exhibit for the holidays showing off the White House decorated for Christmas that was neat, and they talked quite a bit about their 2 dogs Barney and Mrs. Beazley and cat India.

A pretty cool highlight was a replica of the Oval office, where Woody had planned all day to actually read a book if he got to sit there. He thought it would be suitable since he was at a “library”. But when he got his chance, he actually sat down, picked up the telephone and dialed his mom! {insert proud mom tears here} 2 1/2 hours later we had our fill, we’d all give it 2 thumbs up. It’s our first presidential library but hopefully not our last.

On recommendation from my cousin, we had an amazing lunch at Kuby’s Sausage House nearby. Sausage, cabbage and sauerkraut makes the Tischers (German for Table Maker!) happy. This joint has also been on the Food Channel’s Man vs. Food show, and had a great delicatessen for us to bring home some sausages and German candy too!

Not really “on the way home” but in the general direction, we decided to stop off at the Fort Worth Stockyards to see the daily cattle drive. Surprisingly, we got a front row parking job 10 minutes before “showtime”, so we got to enjoy it from the heated car. Longhorns are amazing animals.

The history of the stockyards was a good mix to the formality of the library. Part of me thinks I should keep more of the kid’s stuff to fill the Tischer Presidential Libraries one day, but the other part of me knows I should keep them as far away from politics as possible! (MT)

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