Take a bath and heal yourself

Today we started in downtown Hot Springs. The first place we stopped was a bathhouse that was now the headquarters of the National Park and a visitors center/ museum. We got to walk through an old bathhouse and see how the process of the bathing went. The waters were said to cure arthritis and many other ailments. Then we went on a 3 mile hike up and down the hill behind the springs. We then had lunch at a bathhouse turned brewery. It is the only brewery in a national park. I had a gyro and some root beer that was brewed there. We then tried to go to the Buckstaff Baths, but they were not open so we did not get to bathe in the hot springs. We did get to drink from the hot springs though through a street side water fountain. When we were there people were bringing huge water containers and filling them up. After all this I took a pledge and became a Junior Ranger.

Taking the Junior Ranger Oath

Another cool thing we did tonight was Garvin Gardens and the Anthony Chapel. The gardens were decorated with millions of Christmas lights. The chapel was made with only wood and glass and looks outdoors because of the glass.

Wishing all of you a happy New Year-Woody

4 thoughts on “Take a bath and heal yourself

  1. I wish the baths would have been open for you all. How many Junior Ranger patches do you have so far? That Chapel is beautiful!


    1. Woody thinks he has 4 junior ranger patches from this “lifestyle”! Yes the chapel was so pretty-I wish we saw it during the day too bc I think we’d just see the woods and maybe a glimpse of the lake it surrounds!


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