Rainy Morning in the Bayou

We arrived at our campsite at about 5pm last night. The temp was a comfortable 60ish degrees, and we were loving it! At about 8pm, the rain started, and it just poured all night long! I think we got about 2-3 inches of rain, and we woke up to our very own bayou in the morning! We were told by the park ranger that we probably won’t see alligators here, but we might see wild boar. AND WE DID! Tonight as we were coming back from the library, a large black boar and a bunch of baby boars(they were sooo cute!) ran across the road from us and just waddled into the woods. Both Jesse and I thought they were bear at first, this was just crazy! We now know that we really can’t let Gunner off his leash!

Our park states that they have wifi but actually they have “wifi”. Which we think is worse then nothing. Sooo slow and spotty. As much as we love nature, we need wifi for the boys schoolwork. So we spent the afternoon at the Mandeville public library. Shout out to the helpful librarians there-they were extremely happy to help the boys continue learning! Normally there is a 60 minute limit on the computers, but if you are actually studying or taking a test, they’ll extend the time infinitely. While they love to be a haven for kids afterschool, they were probably sick of kids playing games on the computers.

Another thing I spazzed out about today was the laundry facilities. We’d been wearing our NDSU gear 3 straight days in a row so we all needed to freshen up. Get this, the washers were free and the dryers were only $1. But as I was waiting for the last load to dry, someone came in and told me the dryers were actually free, just push the button and it’ll turn on! Soooo, I’m pretty sure we’ll be wearing clean clothes everyday this week-yippee! (MT)

3 thoughts on “Rainy Morning in the Bayou

  1. Has Jesse thought about putting a boar shank on the traeger?
    Nice to see the boys with a back pack heading for the library!


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