Louisiana to Florida

Starting in Louisiana, we set off this chilly morning for Destin, Florida. Our first stop was in Biloxi, Mississippi where we made a stop at a national seashore. We weren’t there for long because we wanted to have enough time for the USS Alabama in Mobile.

The USS Alabama was really cool because it was surrounded by tanks, small boats, and many aircraft. Our favorite helicopter was the odd looking CH-21, or the flying banana. Our favorite plane was the A-12, which looked just like a SR-71 Blackbird. My favorite part though was when we actually got to go on this massive battleship.

We were able to see almost every part of the ship. From the ice cream parlor to the inside of one of the giant naval guns. My favorite part was the view from the deck on the 9th level. Next, we were able to go inside the large submarine that they have there. It’s named USS Drum. Inside the sub, things were very tight. The doorways were only 3 feet tall! We finished off our time in Mobile by checking out all of the artillery and armored vehicles they have. I had a lot of fun here and luckily I only banged my head on the metal ceiling once. I think I may end up being too tall for the silent service.

3 thoughts on “Louisiana to Florida

  1. Lisa and I have just been on HMS Belfast that’s moored up on the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge. You might remember seeing her as we walked along the South Bank. It’s fascinating too, so much to see!

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    1. Andy and I talked about your visit when lisa took a picture out the little round window. His eyes totally light up when he sees/reads things like that! The HMS Belfast is on our list for our next visit, as is the meridian line, woody is learning all about it right now!


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