Boquillas del Carmen

We started the day off with a dip into the hot springs on the banks of the Rio Grande. The natural hot springs were very warm but because it was a warm day I enjoyed quick dip in the cool Rio Grande as well. After that, we drove to the border crossing/Port of Entry where two rangers gave us information about things we can and can’t do/buy in Mexico.

When we made it to the river there was a man in a rowboat that brought us across the river. After that, we got a ride on a burro to town. When we got to town we saw many people lining the street all selling bags, coozies, and wire sculptures. There were two restaurants, one on either street. We ended up going to the one on the south side which was named Boquillas restaurant.

For lunch we had tacos, tamales, and enchiladas. This was my first time having tamales and I can say that I will definitely have them again. We walked down more streets where we saw the school, clinic, and the many solar panels provided in part by the UN. Woody did his blog out on the balcony of another restaurant that provided a great view.

When we were about to leave we saw a Mexican Army Humvee come rolling through the town. Woody and I both thought that was super cool. We found a house that sold snacks and other food. We bought a bunch of candy and my favorite one by far was the soft chili tamarind candy. Our burro ride back was fun and when we got back to the U.S. side, at the Port of Entry there was a machine with a camera and a telephone that we used to call immigration officials in El Paso. I had a lot of fun during my first time in Mexico.(AT)

3 thoughts on “Boquillas del Carmen

  1. Maire and I have just read your blog Andy. We are at Maeve’s basketball game this morning. Maire says she likes tamales too!
    Nice ride across borders!


  2. Hi guys,(A&W). I just got back from Palm Springs and am getting caught up on your recent travels and experiences. Glad you traveled to Mexico. You had quite a different travel there than most Americans take when vacationing in Mexico. Can’t say many travel into Mexico on rowboats and buros, good for you. Hey guys, glad to see your adventurous spirit with trying new foods and going for the experience like sledding at White Sands, the buros, and all your other adventures. You have the best parents ever to give you this adventure!
    Love you, Jeanie


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