Tulips! and Mt. St. Helens / Mt. Rainier

I should be starting out with the 2 National Parks we visited today, but instead here are some amazing pictures of a tulip field we passed by today. Jesse saw the twinkle in my eye and stopped the truck, made a u-turn and drove right to the fields for my a-ha moment of the day/week/month/trip!

We actually started our day learning about the Mount St. Helen National Volcanic Monument and its infamous eruption in 1980. Jesse and I were just babies then so we don’t have any memory of it, but it was crazy to see the stories of what happened in the weeks leading up to the eruption and months/years afterward. We could see most of MSH today, but the top was clouded a bit.

We decided to check out Mt. Rainier because it was only about 90 miles away. On the way we saw tulips. Did I mention that they are my favorite?! Most of Mt. Rainier is closed due to snow still (it’s May 4th!) but we did see and get a feel for the park. Mt. Rainier itself was clouded, it only got clouded more and more as the day went on even though it was a nice sunny day! We did a quick hike to a waterfall and saw a couple more views before heading home. It sure looks like if we visited in the summer we could stay there all week. We love the tall trees and north woodsy feeling here! (MT)

3 thoughts on “Tulips! and Mt. St. Helens / Mt. Rainier

  1. Looks like it was school sweatshirt day!
    I remember that Ash from the MSH eruption was bad enough in Breckenridge during the week or so after that it obscured visibility, brought a dirty powder to anything in the yard, and was the subject of public warnings to wear a mask for prolonged outdoor activity. The Ash cloud was plumed worldwide.

    Such happy pictures of you with your pretties Maureen.


  2. Hey Guys, I keep meaning to write and thank you for the birthday postcard! I have fond memories or Arches, and that whole area in fact. Still enjoying reading your adventures and will see you in just a few weeks really!

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