New Year Thoughts

19 days into our “new lifestyle” and I’ve got a truck stop preference = Flying J, always clean toilets. Because I thought it was going to be hot I only have 3 pants in rotation. (One of those is pj pants!) I overheard Andy tell someone that his mom has had on the same sweatshirt for 3 days!(again, I only packed 3!) It’s cold everywhere we’ve been but not nearly as cold as SD/ND/MN so I’m not complaining (much). Boys are consistently surprisingly nice to each other-mom win! Jesse has driven literally everywhere we’ve been so he was rewarded with a brand new F250. Long story but it’s pulling the trailer awesome so we are all happy!

This season of the year makes everything look blah. But as we drove through the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, I could tell why they call it the Grand Canyon of the Midwest. New Years Eve was spent in Little Rock with takeout pizza, a board game and we even convinced the boys we were on Eastern time, so our midnight came early!

Woody got his first chance to do a vlog (video blog) at the Titanic exhibit in Branson.🚢🎥I’m not exactly sure how to post it in our blog but we’re looking into it-it’s so great! Andy has done a ton of algebra over the holidays, and Woody has gotten a good start on science. I’m picking up zero of the algebra, but enjoying reliving 6th grade science! Digging for diamonds last week was a great rock lesson!💍

If you or anyone you know collects Precious Moments figurines, I suggest you send them to the PM chapel outside Joplin, MO. It was one of the highlights of my year so far😉! I made my first meal ever in a instapot tonight. Only had to call my sister twice to see if I was doing it right. We’re warm and snug inside our “house” here in Frisco, TX. Can’t wait to watch our NDSU Bison win another championship Saturday! If you’re down here, we’ll be tailgating with the rig, stop by and say hi!💚💛🏈

13 thoughts on “New Year Thoughts

  1. We have a mtg this Monday at school… sure you don’t want to come back and join us?
    No? Yeah, I don’t blame you.
    Safe travels- and continue having fun!
    Ps… new collection idea, and a way to stay warm, new hoodie from all your favorite stops along the road. 🙂

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    1. You’ve got the wrong idea about me if you think I’m coming back from this trip for a meeting! Good idea on the sweatshirts-I’m getting sick of the 3 I brought along!


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