Go Green and Gold!

Today (Saturday) we woke up at 5:00 AM to go tailgating for the FCS National Championship. We hooked up our trailer and got on the road. Some Bison fans tried tailgating the day before but the security had to kick them out. But the city felt bad so they opened the gates to tailgating at 5:30 AM. We learned this at the pep rally and we were excited. Since it was the Bison fans that went early the JMU (James Madison University) fans had no idea the tailgating opened at 5:30 because it was originally supposed to open at 7.

We got to the tailgating and immediately started settingup. I was so tired so my parents let me sleep for 30 more minutes. By the time I woke up breakfast was ready and a lot of people were set up. My dads cousin and uncle came and visited our camper for a while. Then me and my grandpa went to a mechanical bull and rode it. After that was the widely anticipated football game. The game was so heart thumping and the Bison won 17-13. My favorite part was how hot it was. It was 61 degrees. My voice is sore because I was yelling so hard. After the game we ran down onto the field for the receiving of the trophy. We were up front on the field. When we were driving to Marshall, Texas, our next stop, we drove by the Bison team buses which were going to the airport to go back to ND. This was my third championship game I have gone to and by far my favorite. I loved watching the Bison play again and all the green and gold in the stands. -WT

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