The WWII Museum

Today we started the day off by dropping Gunner off at a nice dog kennel so that we could do the stuff you can’t have dogs for. Next we went to the National WWII Museum. I learned that Normandy was bigger than just one beach. I also learned that the Allied Forces set up fake tanks, planes, and radio signals at the Pas De Calais, which was the narrowest spot between England and Hitler-ruled Europe, to fool the Germans. It definitely fooled them too. They had most their power and defenses there waiting for an attack. My favorite part of all though was learning about the huge battles going on in Asia, because I had always learned so much about what was going on in Europe so I didn’t know about what was going on in Asia.

Also at the end of the day we drove through a traditional NOLA cemetery with a whole bunch of beautiful mausoleums.(WT)