Phoenix – FLW, DDD and the Capitol

A couple of years ago, my book club read “Loving Frank”, a memoir style book about one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s mistresses. Even though he sounded like a goofy dude, I started to fall in love with his architecture! I’ve seen a couple of his works of art in Chicago and in other places, and I was highly interested in touring his home and studio in Scottsdale. The boys and I spent a morning at Taliesin West, and we really enjoyed it all, it totally lived up to my expectations. Woody had a classmate that did a report on FLW so he was excited to learn even more, and Andy is always my lover of unique architecture and could appreciate it all. I could totally live in one of his homes, but I’d probably have to raise the ceilings a bit since he was short and wasn’t very kind to us talk folk!

Andy had looked into more Food Network Diners, Dives and Drive Ins and found a great Pakistan Restaurant near the Arizona State University Campus that was amazing. We were even able to meet the owner and chef of Curry Corner, and the boys gave sincere compliments to her! The food was amazing!FLW4

I’m always curious about state capitols, and Arizona’s did not disappoint. While it’s physically nothing all that special, there were about 30 monuments around it that were spectacular art installations. Everything from a memorial to the USS Arizona that sank in Pearl Harbor, to a 911 exhibit, to a statue honoring Navajo Code Talkers.  It was educational art for the boys and I and for Phoenix.(MT)FLW5

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