Family in Arizona

Lucky us, we’ve been able to spend more time with family while in Phoenix. The Hailey’s from Los Alamos have been in town for a soccer tournament for Alix – there is no off season for this spectacular athlete! What’s crazy is that their hotel is only a mile away and the soccer fields were only a couple miles down the road, so we were able to watch all her games, including the one she kicked the game winning goal at. It was the greatest kick I have ever seen or probably will see for a long time – nice job Alix! But it was fun hanging with Stephanie, Shawn, Alix and Ella, playing games and shopping with teenage girls was a highlight of mine!soccersoccer2

We have some fun stalkers too – Jesse’s parents Ron and Marilee have made another surprise visit. They were able to see a soccer game too, and we even spent a day in the Superstitious Mountains east of Phoenix. We did a great hike, toured an outdoor museum and made it down the awestruck Apache Trail to Tortilla Flats, an old cowboy town. Woody made a super funny vlog about it – check it out here:

Marilee happens to have a load of cousins that live in Phoenix, and they graciously hosted us one afternoon. It was fun to hear their family stories and recollect stories of Jesse’s family heritage. Not only were they all great hosts, they even let the boys pick as many grapefruit and oranges as they wanted. Another great memory for the boys to have, and for sure, no one in our family is getting scurvy any time soon! (MT)

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